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As a Global PCB Manufacturing Solution, we know a successful launch of new technologies starts and ends with printed circuit boards. That’s why we have outlined in this guide, the criteria that will ultimately determine if you’re PCB prototyping will achieve your design/data package objectives and mitigate production delays.

Do you want to increase your odds of getting to market faster? As a buyer, the following 5-step revolutionary prototyping method is proven to maximize PCB precision and ensure quality, consistency and reliability.

  1. Amitron Intake
  2. True Prototyping™
  3. Full Engineering Review
  4. AOI automated optical inspection
  5. First Article Inspection

Would proactively avoiding delays in your global supply chain make a difference for your business? If so, you need to understand that The #1 most costly mistake 95% of PCB manufacturers make is overstepping their capabilities. This gross inefficiency will drastically impact your product timing, quantities, materials, budget and quality control.


If you are uncertain if a PCB manufacturer is committed to being a trusted advisor and an engineering solutions partner, ensure you understand the 12 most important questions to ask which will immediately expose whether they are qualified to delivering your PCB’s on-time and on-budget.

  1. What are the capabilities of your supply base?
  2. Do you have local and global capabilities?
  3. What are the delivery times of your supply base?
  4. Can you supply heavy copper plating?
  5. Can you supply blind/buried via fabrication?
  6. Is military-grade process applied to every production?
  7. Can you supply military grade fabrication/products?
  8. Can you supply aluminum fabrication with thermal materials?
  9. Can you supply flex and rigid flex?
  10. What is your process for Prototyping?
  11. Do you use actual production process for prototyping?
  12. How do you ensure quality control?

Are you willing to risk your organizations profits by 5%, 10%, 15% or more? If not, you should ensure your PCB manufacturing partner has a Military Grade Process and is MIL-SPEC Approved to avoid the unreliable outcomes, like gaps in circuit board quality. If you are working with a PCB manufacturer that does not have a Military Grade Process, you are likely experiencing the following outcomes:

  1. Inconsistency due to lack of in-process testing
  2. Unreliable process controls
  3. Poor gauge management
  4. Poorly maintained or outdated equipment



As a vital contributor to the life cycle of our customers’ electronics we know peace-of-mind, quality and trust is not achieved by accident. It is critical for an organization providing electronics globally to have a PCB manufacturing solutions partner with a global presence and an expert engineering process that can consistently deliver on-time and on-target. 

PCB global manufacturing solutions is where Amitron thrives. Delivery of mission critical projects with exceptionally high precision is the standard you can come to expect due to the Military Grade Process resulting in highly reliable outcomes and peace-of-mind.



Our 3-step quoting makes this process easier for you while still allowing us to give each and every quote the special attention it deserves.


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