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You can't last 30 years in the PCB industry without doing something right. Amitron's entire team is dedicated to deliver on one promise: to save our customers money, time and peace of mind. Reaching this goal is reflected in everything we do, from the speed in which we deliver our quotes, to the extent in which we test our circuit boards to ensure the highest quality, working with Amitron just feels "different". 

Our customers turn to us to consistently manufacture the highest quality PCBs on time and on-budget. The Amitron Reputation means everything to us and we continuously work to keep getting better and better. Although we publish our Customer Satisfaction Survey Results annually, our customers send us reviews and evaluations on a daily basis:



Excellent Delivery. Excellent Quality.

Aerospace Manufacturer

-Aerospace Manufacturer





Over 40,000 Parts Delivered. High Quality + On Time

Optoelectronic Manufacturer

-Optoelectronic Manufacturer




Good Service and Engineering. 

EMS Provider in Washington

-EMS Provider in Washington





100% On-Time Delivery

Mission Critical Communications Manufacturer

-Mission Critical Communications Manufacturer




We appreciate what you do.

"Amber, we appreciate what you do to take care of our account."

-Kathy, Purchasing Assistant 





Vendor Report- 100% on time delivery

International Communication Product Manufacturer

-an International Communication Product Manufacturer




It was a pleasure working with you

"Sue, thank you for the prompt response on all emails. It was a pleasure working with you. "

-Andreas at a Power Supply Manufacturer





Vendor Report- 250,000+ PCBs in Spec.

Power Management Manufacturer in IL

-Power Management Manufacturer in IL




No issues with the products we purchase from Amitron.

"We purchase small quantities of PCB's. However the industries that we serve are very critical and a failure of our 10 cent part can disable a machine that costs millions with down time in the 1,000's per hour. We have had no issues with the products we purchase from Amitron."

-Ray, Chief Engineer




Vendor Report- Grade A Customer Service.

Electronic Manufacturer in Kansas

-Electronic Manufacturer in Kansas




I never shopped for another supplier.

"Great Team. No problems. I never shopped for another supplier."

-Jim Springer




Vendor Report- Good delivery. Great Quality.

Good delivery Great Quality

-Aerospace Manufacturer




Amitron's delivery is very good

"Of the three circuit board suppliers we currently purchase from, Amitron's delivery is very good. I consider Amitron a good supplier and have no intention of reducing Amitron as a supplier."

-A Division of Schneider Electric




PCBs have been great quality with on time delivery.

"Sending data directly to my customer service representative has worked well. Sandy and Sue have been great to work with for quotes! PCBs have been great quality with on time delivery. Pricing is VERY competitive."

-Procurement Manager at IMI




One of the Best PCB Houses.

"Amitron is one of the best PCB houses we've done business with. I recommend you to others with issues with their own PCB supplier."

-Buyer at an Electronic Assembly Company




Amitron saved us time and money

"Amitron identified some errors for the PCB during the quoting process and that saved us time and $$$"





My PCBs are always in spec

"Amitron's quality is equal to or better than your larger competitors and my PCBs are always in spec. Amitron has done a great job supporting our needs over the last year. Thank you! Please do not allow your company to be acquired by one of the larger PCB conglomerates. "

-Engineer in NYC




Among the best at heavy copper boards

"Amitron is among the best at heavy copper boards and good thermal laminates knowledge. "





We tried a cheaper company and immediately came back

"Amitron has been building our MCPCB for several years now. We tried a cheaper company and immediately came back due to poor quality. Amitron always resolves any issues quickly and produces an excellent PCB."

-PCB Buyer in Knoxville, Kentucky