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horizontalAmitron's team of professionally trained CAD/CAM engineers assure a seamless transition of your engineering data to the manufacturing floor. The following information outlines our engineering and manufacturing capabilities. 

Process Capabilities


A cross-section of a 30 layer circuit board manufactured by Amitron.
A cross-section of a 30 layer circuit board manufactured by Amitron.

Layer Count: Single – 30 layers

Laminate Types: FR-4 (140Tg, 170Tg, 180Tg) (all UL94V-0 rated), RF and Teflon, Arlon, Getek, Rogers, Nelco and more!  Thermal materials including Laird, Arlon, Ventec, Iteq and Chin-Shi, bonded to Aluminum or Copper.

Laminate Thickness: 0.003" to 0.250"

Copper Weight: 1/2 ounce to 20 ounce, finished

Line & Space Widths: 0.003"/0.003"


Process Options

Solder Mask over Bare Copper (SMOBC)
Solder Mask: LPI & SR1000
Carbon Ink

Surface Finishes

Gold Tab Plating
Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)
Lead-free HASL
Immersion Silver or Tin

Data Formats


CAM Capabilities

Orbotech Genesis Software
Panel/ Array Optimization
Pre-manufacturing Design Checks
Artwork Generation from Bare Boards or Blueprints
Net List Test Fixture Generation

Mechanical Process Tolerances
Minimum annular ring:  .004"
Board edge to edge, routed:   +/- 0.005"
Tooling hole to hole:  +/- 0.002"
Tooling hole to edge: +/- 0.005"
Holes to copper registration:  +/- 0.003"
Top to bottom registration:  +/- 0.003"
Image line tolerance: 90% art work
Scoring tolerance:  +/- 0.005"
Edge to copper:  +/- 0.008"
Minimum Solder mask clearance:  0.002"
Minimum hole size:  0.008"
Minimum inside radius:  0.011"
Minimum trace width: 0.003"
Pad to pad clearance:  0.002"
Hole diameter (plated thru):   +/- 0.0025"
Hole diameter(non-plated up to .250"):

+/- 0.001"