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The LED industry utilizes breakthrough technology opening a vast array of new products that didn’t exist just a few years ago; technology that is managed by LED printed circuit boards. The majority of LED PCBs we produce include some form of Aluminum PCBs.

The advent has caused disruptive change in the traditional lighting industry. The efficiency gained in LED technology cannot be ignored and will continue to propel lower cost, longer life, and endless creativity.

Amitron has been producing PCBs for LED since 2000, well ahead of most competition. With this head start we can assist with design and have helped many companies gain a significant lead over their competition. 

The following represents a few LED applications that utilize printed circuit boards:

  • Headlights
  • Street lighting
  • Traffic and signal lighting
  • Replacement
  • Elevator lighting
  • Post top lamps
  • Operating room direct lighting
  • Aircraft passenger mood lighting
  • Solar power products
  • Airport landing lights
  • Aircraft running lights
  • Highway tunnel lighting
  • High growth plant lighting
  • High speed algae growth for pollution control
  • Flashlight and camping accessories
  • Military field applications