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Maritime PCBs


Maritime PCBs

High reliability and long term service applications are critical in maritime applications, such as RF module PCBs. Amitron builds integrity in our products with DFM and AOI as a basic platform.

Direct current electro thermal interactions are minimized with low Dielectric constant pre pregs combined with copper/ copper and copper/ aluminum substrates.

The following are examples of maritime electronics:

  • Radar and sonar
  • Signal processors
  • Electronic warfare
  • Navigation
  • RF & superconducting technology
  • Signal amplifiers
  • Communication and networking
  • Electro-optic/infrared processors
  • Electronic counter measurement devices
  • Anti-jam systems
  • Solid state laser technology
  • High power RF modules
  • Time keeping technology
  • Power supplies
  • Fuse and timing circuits
  • Beacon and strobe systems
  • Active aperture arrays
  • Antenna systems
  • Input power conditioners
  • High band VHF systems
  • Output filters
  • Signal splitters
  • Attenuators
  • Voice operated squelch modules
  • Line amplifiers
  • Temperature sensors
  • High voltage regulators
  • Optic converters