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Printed circuit board manufacturer, Amitron Corporation, has added a new piece of equipment to their photo department – the Orbotech Xpress9 laser direct Imaging system.

Orbotech Xpress9 laser direct Imaging system

“This is a key addition to our Photoimaging department. The high power laser and dual tray configuration will outproduce our two existing machines combined. This speed is critical to support our quick-turn high layer count product.”, said Tyson Mortimer, President. “With higher imaging accuracy and improved yields, Amitron is able to fulfill the most advanced volume jobs – faster and more cost-effectively than previously possible. The new LDI uses LSO, or large scan optics which provide a wide depth of field. This is ideal for manufacturing rigid circuits as they can often have a great deal of topography on the outer layer surfaces. This combination produces excellent quality without sacrificing productivity. We are extremely pleased to have this new capability.”

What is Laser Direct Imaging?

When a circuit board is made, the imaging process is what defines the circuit traces. The traditional imaging process utilizes a physical photo-tool and UV flood exposure to transfer an image to a panel. The LDI uses a high power solid-state UV laser to image the digital Gerber data directly onto the panel with no intermediary. This laser is incredibly precise, capable of imaging 2mil lines and spaces with a top to bottom registration of less than 1mil. An LDI also uses a built-in camera system that dynamically adjusts the image to accommodate panel stretch and squareness. Ultimately these benefits save time and money for our customers.

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About Amitron Corporation

 Since 1985, Amitron has been a leading PCB manufacturer specializing in both Prototype and Production quantities. Amitron is MIL-PRF-31032 and ISO 9001:2015 Certified and we are ITAR Registered. Amitron is one of the largest Printed Circuit Board manufacturers left in the USA. We have expertise in high layer counts, metal Core boards, and High Copper weight.